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    Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor
    Certified Sex Therapist
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    Dr. Ellen Shapiro's Story

    Dr. Shapiro completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in 1984. Since then she has taken many advanced trainings in psychology, couples therapy, trauma reduction, sex therapy, gender diversity, body and energy healing, yoga, and meditation. She is a FL licensed psychologist and an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Diplomate. She has met the qualifications of Sex Therapist as defined in the Florida Statutes since 1996 and continues to obtain up-to-date training in sex therapy and psychology.
    Dr. Shapiro is an experienced therapist with years of helping people make lasting changes. Beyond her clinical training and continuing education in psychology, she has trained in EMDR, Mind-Body Stress Reduction (MBSR), Therapeutic Yoga, Bioenergetics, Acupressure, the 4-D Wheel (integrating spirituality and sexuality), Heart in Sexuality Integration, energy healing and spiritual psychology, and other modalities. She has trained in depth with Bart ten Berge in Spiritual and Energy Healing, and with Gina Ogden and Jack Painter, among others, in sexual healing. Mindfulness, present moment awareness, and honoring all the ways our many different selves express themselves are key components of Dr. Shapiro’s approach. Your sessions will be completely personalized to you and may include any of these approaches.




    Dr. Shapiro finds deep satisfaction in helping people on their healing path from emotional and psychological problems that may include depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, chronic pain, relationship and sexual problems. She also delights in working with individuals, couples and those in non-traditional relationships who are seeking more fulfillment and joy in their lives through integrating body, mind, and spirit. In addition to talk therapy, there is much healing to be found in the creative blending of other modalities, including expressive movement, mindfulness and awareness practices. Dr. Shapiro is sex positive and a queer, kinky, and LGBTQQAI ally.


    Dr. Shapiro completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2001, after completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher course with Loretta Armer in Tallahassee, FL. She continued her advanced yoga training, working with Loretta Armer, Todd Norian, various teachers at Kripalu Center, and others. In 2013, she completed the 500-hour Pranakriya Professional Yoga Teacher training in Pranakriya Yoga with Yoganand Michael Carroll, and March 2014 she completed her initial training as a Pranakriya Professional Yoga Therapist.

  • Services

    Dr. Shapiro uses a variety of therapeutic modalities and approaches to assist people in healing
    and recovery. In practice these approaches may blend together more or less, depending on the situation. Dr. Shapiro is trained and experienced in traditional psychotherapy, body-centered psychotherapy, sex therapy, and yoga therapy. You may also find it helpful to participate in one of her group yoga classes at Namasté Yoga.

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    Traditional Talk Psychotherapy

    Traditional talk psychotherapy provides a safe space in a non-judgmental atmosphere to talk through thoughts and feelings about issues in your life, and to work toward new approaches. Talk therapy helps you become more aware of unproductive emotional and behavioral patterns and empowers you to find more effective and fulfilling alternatives.

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    Body-Centered Psychotherapy

    Another approach to healing is body-centered psychotherapy, which is based on the recognition that all emotions originate in the body. Body-centered therapy uses exploration of body sensations and of the "felt sense" of moment-to-moment experience as portals to deeper emotional healing. Mindfulness techniques for practicing present moment awareness are often included. Body-centered therapeutic practices work on emotional, somatic, and energetic as well as on psychological and cognitive levels. Deep healing can often be found through integrating body-centered techniques with traditional talk psychotherapy.

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    Sex Therapy

    Sex therapy is talk therapy for individuals, couples, and others where the topic is a sexual or gender concern or problem.

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    Yoga Therapy

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    Yoga therapy is an emerging field that uses yoga techniques and practices to help people heal, grow and develop—on multiple levels. "Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga." (IAYT) Dr. Shapiro is trained in yoga therapy.

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